Controlled Parking and Electrical Charging – give your views

Posted on 25. Nov, 2019 by in Consultations, Road

Parking Controls:
Should Saturdays continue to be included?
Do you want to see other changes?
Are you happy with the current controls of would you prefer changes such as no controls on Saturdays or controls in a street that doesn’t yet have them?
Make sure you make your views known before December 16th.
Electric car charging:
would you like to see lamp post charging points in your street? 
Consultation closes on December 20th

2 Responses to “Controlled Parking and Electrical Charging – give your views”

  1. Frankie Eldridge

    28. Nov, 2019

    I am totally against increasing the current parking zones. If they are created the traffic will park outside the zones and then the Council will again go to “consultation” and take not a blind bit of notice and put them in place anyway. Yet another way of the Council gaining revenue

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  2. Darren James

    28. Nov, 2019

    I am in agreement with the changes proposed and Saturdays should also be included. The residents at Westcombe, Blackheath Standard and Caletock cannot park in the surrounding streets due to commuters parking all day and walking to the local BR stations. Permits would stop this practice and make the surrounding streets more beneficial to the actual residents. Charging points would be useful. The parking restrictions should be 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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